1、There is a beuatiful woman at eight,nine,ten o’clock.
# 有一位美女在8,9,10点钟方向。at … 描述的是方向
2、She’s amazing! She makes the women I dream about look like short,fat, bald men!
# 她简直是仙女下凡,让我的那些梦中情人变得如 瘦子,胖子,秃子。。。
3、 Go over. She’s not with anyone.
# 过去啊,她旁边没有人。
4、 what would my opening line be? Excuse me…?
# 我该用什么开场白呢?对不起。。。之类的?
5、 He couldn’t get a woman like that in a million years.
# 他这样一辈子都别想得到这种美女。。。(一万年。。)
6、You always see these beautiful women with ‘nothing’ guys. You could be one of those guys.
# 这种美女身边总是跟着蹩脚货,你也可以成为其中之一。
7、I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here.
# 我无法用语言表示,到这里来我有多兴奋。
8、There’s nothing to focus on.
# 没什么东西可值得关注的。
9、Okay, so I’m responsible. I’m organized. But hey. I can be a kook!
# 好了,我很有责任感,我很有组织感,但,我可能也很懒。
10、We talked until 2:00. it was perfect. More or less.
# 我们一直谈到2点,那真是个美好的夜晚。。
11、There’s something so sweet and disturbing about that.
# 真是令人感动又恶心。


1. Nobody likes breaking up with someone.
2. You finally get up the courage to do it.
3. There’s that awkward moment when you have handed her the note.
4. Why do you have to break up with her? Be a man. Just stop calling.
5. If you want, I will do it with you.
6. You will Never Make it on Your Own. 你不可能独立
7. This is the worst breakup in the history of the world. 这是有史以来最糟糕的分手。


The One With The Thumb
1. How does it feel knowing you are about to die? Warden ,in five minutes my pain will be over.
2. But you will with the knowledge that you sent an honest man to die.
3. I just want to back to my cells,because in my cells I can smoke.
4. All right, you keep practicing.
5. I get my mail and open their monthly “statement”,And there’s $500 extra in my account.
6. You have been so good for three years.
7. I don’t know how I feel yet. Let me figure it out.
8. Listen, as someone who’s seen more than her fair share of had beef..
听着,“这种事情我见多了”的意思(作为一个见了过多臭牛排的厨师,这里她用bad beef比喻那些不怎么样的男人),然后告诫Monica这没什么大不了的,不是什么糟糕的事情,毕竟他们是你的朋友,在你身后帮你留神着呢。
9. I’ll tell you, that is not such a terrible thing.
10. I have heard so much about all you guys.
11. I want you to have it. I don’t want it.
12. I accpet those flaws. Why can’t you accept me for this?
13. I should get back to work.
14. The hair comes out and the gloves come off.
the gloves come off指的是在拳击比赛里面,把拳击手套摘掉(take off),表示要赤手空拳了,要动真格的了。隐喻:全都发泄出来了。
15. Before you get into that, there’s something you should know. There’s really no easy way to say this.
16. I have decided to break up with Alan.
17. Is there somebody else?
18. You let your guard down. You start to care about someone,..