1. I should probably just go.
# 我想我大概该走了。
2. Because it was my table,I have to buy a new one?
# 因为这是我的桌子,就得让我买新的?
3. Do you think we are ready for that? Why not?
# 你认为我们到了做这样事的程度了吗?为什么不?
4. It’s a big commitment. What if one of us wants to move out?
# 这可是很大的承诺,我的意思是 要是有人想搬出去呢?
5. I don’t know what you just said, so let’s start.
# 我不知道你刚才说什么,我们开始吧。
6. What did you do? I dealt with it like a professional.
# 你怎么做的? 我很专业的处理了这件事。
7. We haven’t know each other that long.
# 我们认识的还不长。
8. My friends are the most important thing in my life.
# 朋友是我生命中最重要的。
9. I never lie.
# 我从不说谎
10. Why have I never tasted these?
# 为什么我从来没吃过这些?
11. I don’t make them a lot,becacuse it’s not fair the other cookies.
# 我不经常做,因为对其它饼干不公平。。
12. It’s the most beautiful table I have seen.
# 我想这是我见过的最漂亮的桌子。
13. You pick up the pieces and then you usher in “The Age of Ross”
# 你帮她承担所有烦恼,然后你就走向Ross时代。。
14. I just want to tell you,and I think I’d speak for everyone when I say…
# 我只想告诉你我要代大家说,当我说。。。。
15. It wasn’t supposed to feel like this when it was over.
# 当一切都结束的时候应该是这种感觉。
16. I don’t want to look at or think about another guy.
# 我都不想看见男人,我也不想考虑别的男人。
17. I don’t even want to be near another guy.
# 我甚至不想靠近任何一个男人。

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