1. I heard about the divorce. Lesbian,huh?
# 我听说了离婚的事情了,女同性恋?
2. Well, you know what they say: Be careful what you wish for.
# 你找到他们说的:要小心你内心希望的。
3. Sorry,we are late. We kind of just,you know,lost track of time
# 抱歉,我们迟到了。我们有点忘记时间了。
4. Anyone want me to appraise anything?
# 有人要我评价什么事情吗? (喝多了)
5. Oh,please. If I can do it,anybody can.
# (别这么说),我能做到的大家都能搬到。
6. Because I know how to write men that women fall in love with.
# 因为我摘掉该如何描写让女人陷入爱河的男人。(have a crush on someone 爱上某人,fall in love:坠入爱河)
7. He’s just a complication you eventually kill off.
# 他不过是最后被你终结的纠葛。
8. I don’t even know how it happend. I’m sorry,honey. I promise it will never never happend again.
# 我也不知道怎么发生的。抱歉,孩子,我保证不会再发生这种事情了。

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