1. You have Palo. You don’t have to face the pressure.
# 你有Palo。你不必去面对压力。
2. I was hoping for more enthusiasm.
# 我希望大家能够开心一些。
3. I wanna start with a song that means alot to me this time of year.
# 首先的这首歌在这种时候令我感慨万分。
4. And now I Excuse me,Excuse me? Yeah , noisy boys.
# 抱歉,吵闹的男人。
5. Is it something you had like to share with the group?
# 有什么事情想和大家分享的吗?
6. If it’s important enought while I’m playing…..
# 如果有事情,如此重要,非要在唱歌的时候谈论。。
7. I was saying you are the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
# 我是说,你是我见过最漂亮的女孩。
8. If you are work late, I can look in on him.
# 如果你加班,我可以去照看他(指猴子)。
9. He is angry with me, I have no idea why, he keeps shutting me out.
# 他生我的气,我不知道为什么,他一直把我关在门外。
10. But you are really bringing the party down.
# 但你的确把聚会气氛搞得很糟。
12. I have no choice. Can’t you understand that?
# 我没的选择,难道你不了解吗?

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