1、I know I haven’t worked here very long but would it be possible..if I got a $100 advance on my salary?
# 我知道我在这里干的时间不长。。能否预支我100美金。
2、So I can spend Thanksgiving with my family.
# 这样,我才能和我的家人一起渡过感恩节。
3、You are terrible,terrible waitress.really,really awful.
# 你是一个非常糟糕的招待员。真的真的很糟糕。
4、I hear what you are saying. I am with you.
# 我明白的你的意思,我同意你说的。
5、But I am trying really hard, and I think I’m doging better.I really do.
# 但是我真的很努力,我想我能够做的更好,我真的去做。
6、Do you think there’s a possibility that you could advance me my tips?
# 不知你是否考虑提前预支一点小费给我。
7、Wow, you guys sure have a lot of books about begin a lesbian.
# 喔,你们有这么多关于怎么成为女同性恋的书。
8、Well, you know,you hava take a course. Otherwise they don’t let do it.
# 恩,你知道,你必须修一门课程。否则他们不会让你这么做的(成为女同性恋者)。
9、you don’t think they can hear sounds in there?
# 你不认为他们在里面能听到声音?
10、You smell great tonight. What are you wearing?
# 你今晚真香,你身上有什么?
11、What’s wrong? I hava to do something.
# 怎么了?我还有点事情要做。
12、I prefer to keep a safe distance from all this merriment.
# 我喜欢和欢乐保持安全距离。
13、 Right now the turkey should be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
# 现在火鸡应该是外焦内嫩。。
14、That tone won’t make me go any faster.
# 这种语气无法加快我的速度。
15、If I’m gonna cheer you up,you have to meet me halfway.
# 我让你开心一点,你却总是中间打断。
16、It’s nice that he has someone.
# 有人陪真不错。

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