1、Yeah, that is the part to foucs on , you idiot.
# 是的,那才是值得关注的对象,你这个白痴。几个同义词: idiot ,stupid,mad
2、Do something,just make contact,smile..
# 做点什么,打破沉闷,微笑。。(一个人的内心活动)
3、Would you like to call somebody?
# 你需要给别人打电话吗?
4、It’s a really werid place.
# 真是个奇怪的地方。
5、 This must be what the fridge looks like with the door closed.spook..
# 这就是冰箱关上门的样子。恐怖。。。
6、 I have never had a relationship with that kind of passion,Where you have to have somebody even in them park.
# 我从来没有那种关系也没有那种感觉,在主题公园你忽然欲火焚身。(上下文意思)
7、It was the only thing to do that didn’t have a line.
# 当时只有这件事情可做。
8、You waited too long to make your move..and now you are in ‘friend zone’.
# 你拖延等待的时间太长,,现在只能留在“朋友区”。
9、This is typical. I am always the last to know.
# 每次都是这样,我总是最后一个知道。
10、That is funny. And Rachel keeps touching him.
# 真有趣,并且Rachel一直在摸他。
11、I looked all over and couldn’t find the kitty anywhere.
# 我找遍了所有地方,但是找不到kitty(猫)的主人

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